Our clients apply Analytics/BI in many forms to drive their enterprise to higher sales, lower costs and greater insight to key information. Whether they are using Data Mining to target marketing campaigns or implementing Data Warehouse and ETL practices to manage massive amounts of data, we see and understand the importance of having the right tools and expertise to maximize the value of data.

Our broad experience in Business combined with our Technology expertise has allowed Flex to not only source exceptional people in the BI space, but also to help our clients on a strategic level to determine their needs. As business and organizations continue to increase the amount of information they manage, our BI practice will continue to keep pace with the increased demand for resources in this area.

Our network of candidates spans the field, including:

  • BI Architects
  • Data Modelers
  • ETL Developers/Architects
  • Customer Insights Specialists
  • Risk Analytics Specialists
  • Report Development Specialists

Find out how our BI practice can help your company achieve success.